Coaching is about getting the very best from you and enabling you to make decisions that will improve your life.

Coaching works from the empowering premise that you have the resources you need within yourself – but would benefit from some, outside assistance to help you access them. Most people go through life realising only a part of their potential and sensing that there is so much more they are capable of. Coaching offers a means for unleashing your potential. As people become busier, prioritising their lives becomes an increasing challenge. We have so many commitment’s, we don’t always successfully, prioritise them. One of the reasons coaching has become so popular is that a coach holds us to our deadlines, our commitment and our promises. By working with a coach, you make a commitment to yourself.

Coaching is not therapy or counselling. A coach’s job is to focus on your present and future, not to go over old ground from your past.

Who is Life Coaching for?

YOU! It’s anyone who wants to improve their lives in specific ways.

  • Self- discovery!
  • Finding a healthy relationship
  • Strengthening your existing relationship
  • Taking your business to a new level
  • Feel more fulfilled at work
  • Changing careers
  • Losing weight
  • Stress / Time Management

By changing key areas, you will create a more balanced life, one that will better reflect your personal values and priorities.

As your coach I will be working on five keys areas with you:

Self-discovery – Who am I? What do I want? How do I get what I want?

Attraction Coaching – Effective dating skills and activities

Pre-Commitment Coaching – Helping new couples become conscious and objective about the future of their relationship

Couples Coaching – Helping committed couples to co-create a functional life partnership

Bliss Coaching – Helping a committed couple deepen their emotional intimacy, trust, love and connection