“Joanne thank you so much for helping us regain the balance in our relationship. It felt really good to get guidance and not be judged for it. My boyfriend Adam and I now feel better prepared and equipped to take the next step towards marriage.”
Louise and Adam – Newtownards

“When my husband and I decided to go to a relationship coach to help strengthen the bond we had together, what I wasn’t prepared for, was the insight Joanne gave to me about myself and who I am. This gave me the tools to connect with my hubby on a whole new and better level. Thank you so much, Joanne”

“My partner and I have enjoyed are sessions with Joanne and she has been an amazing listener and coach but more importantly she has become a GOOD friend. Joanne has given us the tools to look at ourselves objectively and to listen to each other instead of arguing every time we spoke. This was only causing more problems, and causing us both extra stresses which in turn lead to more arguments. Our relationship was on a path to self destruction.

Now thanks to this amazing woman through her knowledge and insight we have not only regained our trust but our friendship in each other.

Our relationship and life in general is now better than it has ever been.”
Stephen & Barry – Bangor

“Joanne the thing both my wife and I have enjoyed most about the time with you was that you spoke about yourself and how you have coped with struggles in your own life. Which made are sessions seem more human than clinical.”

“Thank you for all your help over the last 8 weeks you have helped Paul and I by breathing new life into what I thought was a dead relationship. Joanne through your non-judgemental and friendly way of talking, you identified problems we didn’t realise existed, which allowed us to open up new lines of communication and make us appreciate what we have as a couple . I owe you so much.”

“I decided to go see Joanne after a friend recommended her – she had helped her with dating issues. I wanted to find a guy, fall in love and settle down! But all the guys I met, just all turned out to be the same, a waste of space!
During our sessions, Joanne explained about the dating traps that I was falling into, and how I kept repeating the same mistakes. Over the next few months, we worked on a lot of issues surrounding dating, men and most of all myself. Now I have a whole new outlook. I feel happy about my life and where it’s headed now, and have realised I’m not ready to settle down yet, I’m having too much fun. Thank You Joanne xx”
Sarah Belfast

“Joanne, when my wife booked our first session with you I was sceptical to say the least but are marriage was at breaking point.
Thankfully you proved me wrong, through your warm friendly and impartial approach you made us both feel at ease straight away. With your knowledge, insight and empathy you quickly got to the under lying problems that had been slowly pushing us apart.
With the tools you provided us with, we have been able to sit and discuss are views and opinions which helped us to rediscover our friendship with-in our marriage which we had lost.
This has helped in all aspects of our home life, even the children are more relaxed around us and we are all enjoying life to the full as a family.”
Many thanks Simon & Emily

“I decided to see a relationship coach after discovering that my husband of 13 years had been having an affair. Couldn’t, speak to my friends or family about it, as I felt totally ashamed. The betrayal, deception, amount of lies, it was all too much to bear! I started going to see Joanne on my own at first, then after a few weeks Mark and I started to go together.

Not only did she open up the lines of communication between us, but for the first time in years we re-connected! After some months we decided to give the marriage a second chance. In a strange way it was like a new relationship, as if we were seeing each other for the first time. We owe thanks to Joanne for that, not only did she help us work on our relationship, but she also worked with us individually.

She made us face up to our weaknesses and help us find our hidden strengths. ”
Debbie – Co. Down