Are you unhappy, but don’t know why! Do you feel you’re travelling through life without a map or compass, in search of love and the happiness it will bring?

As humans we have a powerful need and desire for coupling. This comes from are primal instinct to compete for a mate and procreate, to ensure the survival of our species. This need drives us in and out of relationships. But we have developed a “need” to be happy and have decreasing tolerance for delayed gratification.

When we are single, we want to be in a relationship. When we are in an unhappy relationship most of us attempt to improve it and eventually leave if it doesn’t get better.

In today’s society, we all want the same thing, whether we are single or married, young or old, gay or straight: to love and to be loved.

Many of us jump into relationships with the preconceived idea that this new person, is the answer to everything… they are the one, that will make us whole, take away our loneliness, make us happy, fill the void and be the answer to our desires. But these relationships are doomed before they have even begun.

Before entering into a relationship, it’s important to first understand who’s coming into the relationship, and not just your partner. You need to understand yourself first. Working with a relationship coach will help you identify what you want out of a relationship? What will make you happy and fulfilled? Identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs. Effectively meeting people, developing networks, sorting potential partners.We will develop a profile of your life partner! Assess your relationship history for patterns!

Many of us fall into one or other of the dating traps. They range from the Marketing Trap to the Scarcity Trap to the Sex Trap. They are all inauthentic and fear-based and result in poor relationship choices. When you’re afraid, you try to protect yourself. But the truth is that when you act out of fear, you end up creating the very things that you’re afraid of. Let’s break this cycle and stop being afraid …YOU have so much love to give, so let’s open your heart and let it flow!

If your in a relationship, your coach will help become clear about whether this relationship is right for you! Identify and negotiate mutual wants, needs and goals. Develop skills, rituals and practices for deepening emotional, physical and spiritual connection and fulfillment. Develop strategies for testing your decision making! Teach you effective communication and conflict resolution.

The most important job you will ever have is YOU! Unless you fill yourself up first, with love and happiness, you will have nothing to give anyone else. THE LOVE STARTS WITHIN…so let’s get started!