I’m not sure if I need a coach or a counsellor! What are the differences?

Co-active coach and clients are equal; Focus on evolving and manifesting your potential: Solution focussed: Explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours to create more positive outcomes: and what’s next?

Counselling or Therapy
Therapist is expert / there is hierarchy: Focus on healing and understanding: Problem focussed: Explore genesis of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that create unwanted outcomes: and why?

Do you only work with couples that have problems?

No, I work with all aspects of relationships, from coaching singles to helping couples build greater intimacy and having a deeper connection to each other. I also work with people that are recovering from divorce or separation. To help them make the transition to a happier more fulfilled, confidence singe person, again.

If I wanted to see you alone, without my partner, can I do that?

Yes, many individuals find it easier to see me alone. Your partner might not want to work on your relationship, but you can still work on it alone, very productively and very happily. You will be doing the work for yourself, so that you can get in touch with all the power and love you hold inside, and from that your relationship will reap the benefits.

I am single, and not sure if a coach is the person to help me find a partner?

When working with singles, I work on two main areas, first – Self-Discovery, who am I? What do I want? How do I get what I want? To answer these questions we first Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs, Identify your life goals and needs, assess your past dating history. Assess your personality (core beliefs and values). Develop a profile of a life partner and finally develop a relation plan to attract a life partner. Secondly is Attraction coaching – Teach you, effective dating skills and activities, Where and how to meet potential life partners, get you ready for a committed relationship, sorting potential partners, and keeping you on track with your Relation plan.