Everyone who falls in love hopes that it will be forever. But the truth is that relationships invariably change. Most couples at some stage in their relationships experience difficulties and moments of doubt. There are lots of problems that can put strain on a relationships; Infertility, unemployment, affairs, sex, becoming a working mother, and many more. If you’re reading this, you have taken the first step. The realisation that there are problems in the relationship and you need help. The key to unlocking most relationship problems is good, effective communication. Many couples find it hard to unearth and reveal their emotions, especially when they concern delicate matters such as sex.

During the sessions we will identify the thoughts and behaviours that have brought you to this place in your relationship. You will learn how to communicate effectively and peacefully with your partner. Learn how to build a strong and loving relationship. Reignite the passion and put the intimacy back into your relationship.

Many of us have been affected so deeply by our pasts that we carry around negative attitudes about relationships. Many singles feel frustrated, discouraged and cynical about relationships. Yet our biggest goal in life remains to love and be loved by a life partner.

There are personal, lifestyle and professional goals that you can accomplish while you’re single that will enhance your life and future relationship. Being single is an opportunity to ready yourself to attract the love of your life.
During our coaching sessions, you’ll experience, an Increase in your self-esteem and confidence. You will see an improvement in your overall wellbeing, as well as improvements in your personal life and your work. Gain clarity about your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Learn new skills and implement effective choices while overcoming the barriers that stop you finding true love?

Coaching with Joanne?
If you want to learn to meet someone and have a healthy relationship, or be in alignment with your current partner and to know what your goals are, and what you want out of life…Book a coaching session with me.
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First session last’s 90 mins, each session after that is 60 mins. Each session is £40 or the consultation package is three session for £100.
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